Team Talk Tuesday: Stephen

Every Tuesday we  post an interview with one of our team members. Last week we spoke to Sian W  who is part of our kitchen team, this week we speak to Stephen who is multi skilled and is a part of our kitchen, front of house and housekeeping team!

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Q. When did you join the company?

A. I joined the company in March 2012. I made a decision to move from Oldham to North Wales.

Q. Where were you working before joining the team at the Fleece?

A.  I was working in a bathroom warehouse during the day and working bar shifts during the night In Manchester

Q.Whats a normal day for you at the Fleece?

A. Well that depends how you define normal! A normal day for me consists of coming in, greeting all of the staff, making everyone a coffee (because I do make the best coffee!), and then begin I to go about my regular duties which vary depending on what department I work. If it’s a kitchen shift I could be prepping or even cleaning. If it’s housekeeping it could be a linen order or if I’m on the bar it may be doing a line clean. Its very varied from day to day.

Q. What is your favourite part of your job?

A. I would say that the favourite part of the job is that I work in a variety of different departments. I dont spend too long in one department so it manages to keep the job interesting and fun!

Q.What has been the hardest part of your job?

A. The hardest part of my job was moving to Wales. I didnt know anyone in the area and was pretty scared! It took me a while to adjust to the different lifestyle and I didnt really speak to many people. But working in the Fleece helped with that.

Q. When your not at the Fleece what do you most enjoy doing?

A. I do quite a bit of photography and digital art with Photoshop. However, most of my spare time is spent gaming on my PC. Yes, im a massive geek!