Hangover cures

Bank holiday weekend is fast approaching and no doubt many of you will be over indulging and suffering from a hangover at some point!

We have put together 10 hangover cures that may help you feel human again:

Vitamin bottles

1.Vitamin C & B

Take  Vitamin C & B supplements before drinking, this will not only help your tolerance to alcohol but it will aid your recovery the next day!

jar of pickles

2. Drink some pickle juice!

Yes you did read that correctly pickle juice contains vinegar, water and sodium. Sodium electrolyte which is lost during participating in one to many drinks so drink about 30ml of pickle juice which can help restore your electrolyte equilibrium.

Glass of tomato juice

3. drink tomato juice.

Tomato juice is an excellent source of glucose which is the primary energy choice for your brain. Why not sooth your hangover with a virgin Mary? here’s a tasty recipe for a Virgin Mary


4. Potassium.

Top up your potassium by eating a banana.

handful of painkillers

5. Pain killers.

Ibuprofen will help with your headache, Remember not to exceed the recommended dose!

Root Ginger

6. Ginger.

Root ginger can help calm nausea. Drink ginger tea  which will calm your stomach and rehydrate you at the same time. here’s 3 easy ways to make ginger tea.

Woman exercising

7. Gentle exercise.

Some GENTLE exercise can help boost your endorphin levels. Remember to drink plenty of water which will have the added benefit of rehydrating you.

Cracked open egg

8. Eggs

While eating may be the last thing on your mind if you can stomach an egg or two they contain taurine which is said to reverse liver damage caused by alcohol. So indulge in a fry up and go heavy on the eggs or make a simple fried egg sandwich which also packs some carbs to restore your energy levels.

9. Drink more

No were not suggesting more booze! Drink water to flush out the toxins, milk can replace the calcium your body has lost. Hot water with honey and lemon will help boost your sugar levels and vitamins while some say milk thistle tea is the ultimate hangover godsend!

10. Replace the salts.

Dioralte may be used for treating diarrhoea but it can also help relive you of your hangover! Cheese wonder sachets will help replace your lost salts and minerals which have been depleted by your night of over indulgence!

Please note  we would strongly advise you consult your doctor before taking any medication