Top Tips for Safe Driving in the Snow

If you are planning a short break to North Wales in the new year, then your car journey may well be affected by snow and ice. We’ve recently seen snowfall right across UK, impacting travellers over the festive season. And if further weather forecasts are anything to go by, these icy weather conditions are here to stay. Snowy conditions can make driving a real challenge for motorist, and increases the risk of accidents.

In this blog posting, we will discuss a couple of top tips for safe driving in the snow.

Plan Your Journey

Before you set off, plan the route of your journey carefully. Use an online route planner to get up to date information on traffic news and changing conditions. You can use the planner to select a route that has been gritted, to reduce the risk of sliding or losing control.

Consider areas that are going to be exposed to the elements. North Wales is full of beautiful countryside and sweeping landscapes, making the terrain difficult to managed in places. Stick to built up areas or main highways for as much of your journey as you can.

Leave More Time

Allow for more time than you normally would. In snow and icy conditions; car mirrors, windows, lights and rooftop need to be cleared on snow before setting off. You may also need to de-ice your windscreen, and wipe the inside of your window for full visibility.

It is also a good idea to invest in a lock de-icer, just in case your locks get frozen overnight.

Check Your Car Over

Before setting off, check all the important aspects of your car.

Check your tyres for good tread and optimal tyre pressure; poor tyres will not grip when diving on snow and ice. If conditions are really bad, you may want to think about snow socks, or even snow chains.

Check your wipers are in good working order, so you’re able to clean your windscreen effectively whilst driving. And of course, check your screen-washer. Use good quality screen-wash that protects down to at least -35 degrees to prevent water from freezing.

Pack for the Worst

You know the age-old saying, better safe than sorry? Well be prepared for every eventuality with the following items: torch, demisting pad, hi-vis, blanket, food and water, de-icer, ice scraper, shovel, phone charger, first aid kit, jump leads and some spare carpet you can use to put under your drive wheels should you get stuck in the snow.

With all these items, and the tips listed above, you should have no problem getting to your destination this winter.

From all of us at the Golden Fleece Inn, we wish you a safe trip this winter.