Historic Places to stay in North Wales

We’ve talked about unusual places to stay before, but what about being able to stay somewhere that has hundred years of history in its walls which includes royal connections and poets? We’ve picked some of the most interesting historical places to stay in North Wales. You can imagine all the travellers who have passed before you, on the road for either for business or pleasure. Think of the plans they made over a pint of ale or a hot meal. Hopefully though the beds are not from the same period!

Golden Fleece Inn

The Golden Fleece was once an old coaching inn where travellers would have stopped to rest and take food on route to Ireland or England. You can dine in the restaurant which is situated in the old stables where horses would have stayed. The bar is built into an old cellar. The Golden Fleece is a collection of buildings around the village square, which also now includes what was the The Madoc Hotel where the Poet Shelley is rumoured to have stayed.

Black Boy Inn

Built in around 1522 the Black Boy Inn is one of the oldest inns in North Wales. Once two inn’s; the Kings Arms and the Fleur de Lys , one landlord bought the other pub and turned it into the Black Boy Inn, as it is known today. Once centred in the heart of the town’s red light district it is said for Four shillings and six (About 22 pence in today’s money) a traveller would be able to buy a bottle of gin, a room at the inn and the friendship of a young lady for the night. These days things are quite different and the inn welcomes visitors wanting to explore the beauty and interest that North Wales has to offer.

Celtic Royal Hotel

The oldest part of the Celtic Royal Hotel dates back to the 18th Century when the Earl of Uxbridge built that part as the Uxbridge Arms Hotel. Strengthening the royal connection, the building became the Royal Hotel after a visit by Queen Victoria (or Princess Victoria as she was then)  and her mother in 1832. The hotel not only had accommodation for visitors, but also it’s own farrier, and blacksmiths, and accommodation for the grooms of the visitors which gives an idea of how big it was. Sadly it fell into disrepair in the 1980s but has been re-developed now.

To stay at the Golden Fleece Inn, a hotel near Porthmadog, you can book direct here, or call 01766 512421.