Dolphin and Seal watching in North Wales

Here on the blog we have told you about lots of different activities to try and places to visit during your visit with us.

What we haven’t talked about yet is one of the most amazing experiences on offer not far from our doorstep.

On the North Wales coast we’re lucky enough to be able to have some amazing wildlife, and not all of it is on land!

As you gear up for sorting your spring or summer break, make sure you think about taking a trip off the coast to look for some of our more interesting wildlife, which includes seals, puffins and dolphins.


Although Dolphins are more traditionally found off the South and West coast of Wales, in recent years Dolphins have also been spotted around the North Wales coast. This includes a group of Risso’s Dolphins off Bull Bay in North Anglesey,  and 20 Bottlenose Dolphins which have been spotted off Kinmel Bay near Conwy.

A bit further south, but well worth a visit if you’ve got time to travel around a bit, lives the UK’s largest pod of Dolphins. These are bottlenose Dolphins and they can be found swimming alongside Harbour Porpoises, usually from April to November.


Grey seals have been spotted all around the coast. The UK has around 182,000 grey seals and lots of them can be seen off the coast around North and mid Wales.

They like to either breed in caves, or at the foot of cliffs on the beach so this can give a clue as to where you’ll see them. Again Cardigan Bay is a regular haunt for the seals, but the local beaches at Porthmadog; Morfa Bychan {also known as Black Rock Sands) also have the odd sighting in the spring and summer months.

The best way to see either of these animals is to take a day trip on a boat, and there are lots to choose from;

Seacoast Safaris

Based on the coast of Anglesey, Seacoast Safaris offer trips to Puffin Island which is home to lots of nesting seabirds and a colony of grey seals. You could also spot a Dolphin too!

Enlli Charter

You can charter a boat for a two hour sightseeing tour from Porthmadog, or head over to Pwllheli where boats head out for longer trips. You can also charter a boat just for yourself and the Skipper will make sure you head to the best areas for Dolphins, Porpoises and Seals.

The Wildlife Trust of South and West Wales

If a trip down to Cardigan Bay does sound like your kind of thing, you can actually book through the Wildlife Trust as part of their Dolphin survey trips, with experts on board. You’re also supporting eco tourism as the boat carries a volunteer researcher on their Dolphin project.

It’s probably worth saying none of the trips can guarantee you’ll see a dolphin or a seal, but they’ll do their best!

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