Hiking in Snowdonia

We’ve covered walks around the Snowdon area before, and the big one; climbing Mount Snowdon which is obviously a great hiking opportunity, being the hike everyone wants to take in Snowdonia National Park.

But if you’ve already climbed Snowdon, you want to take a different walk, or just fancy a hike through the dramatic, rugged scenery of the National Park there are plenty of routes and trails to take.

Be warned though: Most of these hikes are for experienced climbers wearing proper walking boots only. Some take in high and steep ridges. Always check the weather before setting off, and that your party are experienced walkers and climbers as in some cases there’s no going back!


This walk starting from Rhosghadfan covers 8.55 miles and is a difficult walk.

It’s circular which is good because there’s no transport to sort. You’ll be walking around the peak of Moel Trfyan and it’s estimated the hike will take you around six hours. 

You’ll get to see some of the rugged scenery that Snowdonia is famous for. Head past the working quarry and experience the moorlands full of heather as you circle the peak.

Snowdon Horseshoe

The Snowdon Horseshoe is not for the faint hearted, being a ridge walk high in the mountains, including the knife edge that is Crib Goch.  The walk is around seven miles in length and will take you up to six hours to traverse.

The walk does take in the Llanberis Pass at Mount Snowdon. As you ascend you’ll have spectacular views of the Llyn Llydaw reservoir, and your hiking and navigation skills will be tested with high ridges, the second highest summit after Snowdon, Snowdon itself and some fairly unclear paths. A great adventure!

Cwm Idwal Walk

The Cwm Idwal Walk covers the oldest natural nature reserve in Wales.  The walk here, although challenging, takes significantly less than the previous walks.

It’s a three hour walk around the bowl of Cwm Idwal, sculpted in that shape by the Ice Age. At its bottom are the crystal clear waters of Llyn Idwal. 

As you walk you’ll climb over boulders that were left behind by glaciers, and you’ll pass the Idwal Slabs which were the training ground for mountaineers such as Edmund Hilary.

Crib Goch

Crib Goch also features in the Snowdon Horseshoe walk but it’s fearsome enough to hike on its own. The Crib Goch, or Red Ridge, is not for anyone who isn’t an experienced walker. There has been many an accident, and fatalities on the ridge, so experienced climbers only on this one.

This is really going to test your walking and scrambling skills. The ridge is hard going, and you need  to follow the guidance in the walk explanation to make sure you stick to the right side of the ridge and get the path right.

The reward? Apart from the adrenalin boost that walking along a tiny ridge will give you – on good days you’ll get amazing views, alongside a sense of achievement for pushing yourself on the hike.

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