Top Five things to do near Porthmadog

North Wales is full of beautiful countryside: rolling hills, lush green valleys, and spectacular scenery, but it’s also home to some of the most majestic stately houses, royal castles and a few quirky attractions too.

We’ve pulled together some of the best things you can do in North Wales to really make the most of your holiday.

  1. Camping on the side of a cliff

If sleeping on a tiny (but safely attached) portaledge over the sea floats your boat, then cliff camping is for you.

Gaia Adventures run cliff camping sessions, on the cliffs of Anglesey, where you and up to two friends or family members can sleep suspended from a ledge overhanging the sea.

You get to watch the sun set over the waves, and as you snuggle into your sleeping bag, you’ll hear the waves crashing over the rocks below you. 

During your experience you’ll go rock climbing, before you abseil down the cliff to your sleeping position for the night. So this is for adventurous souls only! 

  1. Ghost hunting

If you’d rather stay on dry land, but fancy going in search of some spooks then why not try a ghost hunt at Bodelwyddan Castle?

Ghost hunts start at 9pm until 3am, with a chance to take part in a guided tour (with the lights on) before spending time with the paranormal investigation team unearthing the ghosts of days gone by.

With human bones found in a wall behind a fireplace and over 600 years of deaths and history, the team promise nothing on your spooky experience will be fabricated. So every bump and bang will be frighteningly real.

  1. Afternoon tea in Portmeirion Village

If you’d prefer something more sedate, then taking afternoon tea in Portmeirion Village could be for you. Portmeirion is the Italianate village designed by Clough Williams Ellis which is full of colour, beautiful gardens and fantastic food.

Afternoon tea takes place in the Portmeirion Hotel Restaurant, with a selection of teas from the tea emporium and a delightful experience with views of the estuary.

  1. Climbing Snowdon

Climbing Snowdon is one of the ‘must do’s’ when you come to Porthmadog. There are six paths to climb up Snowdon; from a more leisurely flat path that you slowly ascend, to the rocky outcrops of some of the steeper paths.

It takes around six hours at least, so bring a picnic and some good walking gear. We’ll let you into a little secret too- if walking isn’t for you, you can take the train. The Snowdon Railway will take you to the top with little exertion and you’ll still get the amazing views.

  1. All aboard the Welsh Highland Railway

If you want to get to see the area around Porthmadog, taking the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railway is a must do. With trains heading both east and west, you can take different routes, stop off and explore the many pretty villages, and enjoy the fantastic views across the valleys.

To enjoy all of these activities, come and stay with us in our hotel near Porthmadog. You can take a night out on the cliff, or a train up Snowdon then come back and relax with some home cooked food, a cold beer or a good glass of red and then get a great night’s sleep. To book contact us or book now.