Local Welsh Gin for Autumn evenings

We did a recent post about our Welsh gins but we have such a fantastic variety, and stock such a vast array that we couldn’t quite fit them all in.

As we know many of our friend and patrons are big gin lovers, as are we, we thought we’d feature a few more of our favourites to tempt your taste buds.

Packed full of juniper berries, strong and fresh flavours and many made locally, why not come and try a few to find your favourite? Sample some of our finest gins in our quirky cave bar, or take advantage of the long Autumn evenings with a table in our beer garden.

If you fancy a longer visit we have a range of accommodation near Porthmadog so you can leave the car, sit back and relax with a gin and tonic and enjoy the rest of the Autumn evenings.

Our mystery gin

The Distyllfa Ardudwy Distillery is a bit of a mystery. We managed to get hold of a bottle of their excellent local gin, but have not been able to find a website or contact details for this small distillery. It’s not going to stop us enjoying the Black Rock Gin though. Named after the local Black Rock Sands beach which is just a short walk away, this light aromatic gin is a pleasure to sip. 

If the distillery remains a mystery it’s going to be a short lived pleasure so get it whilst you can!

Inspired by the Brecon Beacons

This distillery lies in the shadow of the Brecon Beacons and is everything you’d expect from a gin that uses natural spring water from the Beacons themselves.

Although the Distyllfa Penderyn Distillery are better known for their single malts, don’t overlook their gins which are a well kept secret. Brecon Gin has a big hit of juniper, followed by a hint of coriander and cinnamon for a spicy, aromatic flavor.  The Brecon Botanicals Gin builds on this as a premium gin brewed only in small batches. Again you’ll get the hit of juniper and the follow up of coriander, but you’ll also taste the citrusy lemon and oranges coming through with a follow up note of oriental spice.

Gin infused by seaweed

If you want to try something truly unusual, the Dà Mhìle Seaweed Gin is our recommendation. Ideal to drink paired with seafood, this gin from the DÀ MHÌLE distillery is a rare find.  This gin was launched on St David’s Day and is infused with handpicked seaweed from the Celtic coast for three weeks to give it it’s unique flavour, and a light green hue.

Rested in traditional oak casts

If you want a full bodied gin, rich in flavour, then Eccentric Gin’s Limbeck gin is one to go for. Rested in Burgundy French oak casks for a smooth texture, this gin is dripping with taste. Look for the citrus notes, mixing with tarragon, blue ginger and orris. The casks leave a peach colour to the gin, and each batch is completely different in colour.