Introducing our cheesecakes

Our cheesecakes have made a guest appearance on the blog before, but they’ve never had a blog all of their own, so we thought it was about time they did! If you’re a follower on Facebook or Instagram you’ll have already seen some of our colourful and inventive creations!

From the crunchy biscuit base to the creamy, rich filling and the frankly sometimes quite outrageous toppings our cheesecakes are show stoppers.

Why cheesecakes?

We wanted to do something a bit different. Who hasn’t seen a unicorn or rainbow cake now, or had a sourdough doughnut?

It’s not easy to perfect a cheesecake so it gives our talented head chef a challenge. Thinking up the new and creative toppings, getting it just right and hearing how much our customers love our cheesecakes mean that they have become our speciality. Now our customers come for miles around to see what’s on the menu.

Some of our top cheesecakes

Why be minimal when you can go maximum?

Sometimes we like to go classic and sometimes we like to go crazy. 

Some of our classic cheesecakes


This is our custard cream cheesecake. You can’t quite dip it in your tea but as you slide into the lemon yellow topping, you’ll get a gooey custard-ey taste on top of a classic base.

 In this cheesecake we’ve mixed the moist velvety loveliness of red velvet cake with the delicious summer flavour of strawberries. All piled on top of one of our classic cheesecake bases

 What could be better than the orange-ey bitter sweet taste of Cointreau, mixed with the creamy richness of a cheesecake? What a combination!

Chocolate Indulgence

If you’re a chocaholic then you’re going to love some of these. With a mix of the velvety richness of the cheesecake, and the warm yumminess of chocolate, whenever we do a chocolate cheesecake they never last long.

 This is one of our Malteser cheesecakes. Wrapped with bubbly Maltesers for that satisfying crunch and swirled with rich chocolate.

 Not satisfied with making one Maltesers Cheesecake we went for it and came up with this amazing creation. Not one, not two, but three layers of cheesecake sitting on Maltesers, and then we just sprinkled them on top. 

 This is a chocoholics delight! A cheesecake base topped with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!

Our craziest creations

As you already know we love chocolate, but we also love sweets. So what better way to make the perfect cheesecake than combining the two?

 Our bubble-gum cheesecake was a cheesecake and a half! Topped with bubble-gum bottles and candy canes, this was a hit with adults and children alike!

 We raided the pic n mix for this one! Topped with pink candy cones and ice creams!

 We felt that maybe the previous cheesecake was missing a little something. So we made it again, using white candy cones, and then added a side of white chocolate buttons. A slice of indulgence.

We are regularly coming up with new flavours and bringing back old favourites, so book a place in our restaurant in Porthmadog by contacting us or giving us a call on 01766 512421.