Team Talk Tuesday: Sian W. Kitchen Cook

Every Tuesday we will be posting an interview with one of our team members. Last week we spoke to Becky-Marie our Duty Manager, this week we speak to Sian W  who is part of our kitchen team.


Q. When did you join the company?

A. I originally Joined the company in June 2014 as part of the housekeeping team, I later started working odd shift helping in the kitchen and eventually went full time as a cook in February 2015.

Q. Where were you working before joining the team at the Fleece?

A. I used to work at the British Legion in Porthmadog

Q.Whats a normal day for you at the Fleece?

A. There is nothing normal here, you literally don’t know what’s around the corner! You don’t know who or what is going to jump out and scare you. We are all jokers and every day some one is pranked. On a more serious note being in the kitchen I cook breakfasts and prep during the morning moving on to much service and them I normally work the evening service too. I

Q. What is your favourite part of your job?

A. I enjoy cooking and I get a real buzz when customers send their compliments back to the kitchen

Q.What has been the hardest part of your job?

A. Long hours in the summer are a killer but we manage to keep the team motivated and laughter makes the days go quickly.

Q. When your not at the Fleece what do you most enjoy doing?

A. Haha! Actually I enjoy socialising with the team after work… over a pint… or 2!