Introducing our locally made Welsh gins


We love a locally made product at the Golden Fleece Inn and we’re particularly proud of our Welsh gin collection.

Made in local distilleries around Wales, our gins offer something for everyone; from the traditionalist who likes a London/Welsh Dry Gin, to the modern gin drinkers who crave the fruity and quirky gins on offer. 

Many of these gins are made in small batches and once they’re gone they’re gone. With 25 gins on offer you are going to be spoilt for choice but don’t worry, why not stay a week in our accommodation in Porthmadog and then you can try them all?

Let us introduce you…

Something fruity

If you’re a fan of fruity gins loaded with flavour and aromas and topped with a sharp tonic, then why not try the Aber Falls Distillery’s Rhubarb and Ginger gin? Designed to remind you of a wintery rhubarb crumble, the fruity rhubarb flavour complements the spicy ginger perfectly. 

If you’re more of a citrus fan, or a lover of marmalade, then the Aber Falls Orange Marmalade Gin is going to be perfect. The orange citrus combined with the deep piney juniper berries makes a great gin with depth.

Hibernation Gin from the Dyfi Distillery is all about the autumn. A complex mix of foraged autumn botanicals including; wild crab apples, blackberries, lingonberry and bilberries. The added bonus to this gin is that it’s thought to be the first ever gin distilled in a white port barrel. 

Introducing old favourites

If you’re a gin traditionalist you’re going to be looking for the London Dry type gins and we have some Welsh specialities for you. Eccentric Gin’s Cardiff Dry Gin is a complex mix of rosemary, sorrel, fennel and liquorice which they’ve combined with citrusy notes of verbena and lemongrass. Eccentric import their juniper from Croatia and what you get is an incredibly unique yet traditional style gin which you’ll want to drink again and again.

The Gower Gin company also make a London Dry Gin. A bold gin packed with flavour, this is going to really tickle your taste buds. Evocative of the coastline from which it’s made.

Local specialities

Porthmadog is often named the Gateway to Snowdonia so you’d expect to see some gins from the Snowdonia Distillery on our menu and you won’t be disappointed.  The distillery use Welsh mountain water for their gins which they distil in big copper stills. The Snowdonia Distillery like to take a traditional approach and their gins take up to six times longer to make than a usual gin.

If you like something softer try the Forager’s Yellow Label Gin. You get a taste of the soft juniper berries initially, and then the sweetness of apple and elderberry crowds your taste buds, before you taste the mountain heather and gorse in the gin’s floral notes.

For a more intense flavour, the Forager’s Black Label Gin delivers an intense hit of juniper, followed up by a mellow warmth and richness of flavour. This is recommended as an ideal martini or cocktail base.